Monday, July 11, 2011

Vignette Brilliance

In this months issue of Australian Country Style there is an article written by a dear friend of mine Sara Silm, about a Berrima icon, Jan Weekes.  

I had always loved entering into both of Jan's retail stores, The Cottage Berrima and The Magpie Cafe Berrima, because of Jan's incredible eye for detail and her gift in visual merchandising.  Much to my disappointment Jan has now retired.  Her ability to created fabulous vignettes from the most wonderful and sometimes rather ordinary objects always amazed me.  Jan did coral before anyone else even thought about it! 

Sara's article in Country Style featuring the wonderful photography by Prue Ruscoe is a must read.  I'm extremely thankful to Jan & Trevor Weekes for allowing Sara and Prue into their stunning home and for allowing it to be shared with me.             


  1. Hi Sarah, the "B' sheets are beautiful, and I do follow but thank you for taking the time to remind me to check them out. I love your blog Sarah.
    x bee

  2. Yes, it's a shame that the Cottage and Magpie have gone. An ex-boyfriend of mine has bought the building and now running restaurant. He used to own the Royal. Hope he does a good job! Jan had great flair and style and her visual merchandising in the Cottage was always a sight to behold.