Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blue & White

Barbara Howard

Hardy Brothers

Coastal Living 


Meg Braff

Room Seven

House Beautiful 

Gorgeous artwork by Kerri  Driftwood Interiors

House Beautiful 

 Dash & Albert Diamond & Lighthouse Stripe 

House Beautiful

 Dash & Albert Staffordshire Blue Stripe 


House Beautiful

 Dash & Albert Blue Awning Throw 


 Haven Home & Style

 Dash & Albert Blue Awning Rug - 
a Giveaway over @ Lily G

Thibaut Wallpaper 

House Beautiful 

Java Ice Bucket from Home James Home

What's not too like!
I adore Blue & White, it probably dates way back to when my Mum allowed me to decorate my bedroom as a teenager.  Twice I decided on a Blue & White bedroom and they were both very different - that was the bonus of having parents who bought, built and sold.
The combination is classic, crisp and clean!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Come On We're Giving It Away!

Instyle Get the Look Page

Dash & Albert Blue Awning Stripe

The Mustard Ceiling 

The Giveaway of a Dash & Albert Blue Awning Rug over at Lily G is almost over.  All you have to do is become a Lily G and WintonHouse follower and leave a message on the Lily G Facebook
It's too easy, there are no catches, so come on guys enter!
Can't wait to see who wins.....

Monday, June 27, 2011

A Tree Lined Drive

 Mississippi Azalea and Tree Lined Drive 

Via French Sampler

 Cherry Lined Driveway

 Elm Lined Driveway

Cyprus Pines to an  Italian Villa 

 Kohimarama Retreat

 Highland, Michigan 

Boone Hall  Plantation 

Dragon Farm Wildes Meadow

Being a townie I don't have the luxury of a gorgeous long tree lined driveway but I can always dream!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

American Shipment @ Dirty Jane Emporium

via Martha Stewart

Furniture Shipment
I managed to sneak my camera into the unpack this afternoon, it's only half done.  There are fabulous pairs of wingback chairs with beautiful proportions, wonderful navy & white checked french style bergere chairs, fabulous vintage counters and picture frames, a gorgeous vintage accessories 
I'll post a few photos and see what tomorrow holds, I'll get the camera back in!
I'm feeling like a kid in a candy store!
Oh, and there's bamboo which has been loved and blogged about is week over at 
Georgica Pond, a blog I adore!


Cnr Bong Bong & Banyette Streets 
Bowral   NSW  2576
P: 02 4861 3231
7days - 10am-5pm

Of course unpacking a container from the US brought wonderful memories flooding back.  It only seems like yesterday that we arrived in the US but that was 2000, 10 years later we returned home to Australia.  

I miss so much about America, especially friends and extended family, life is so busy and communication so infrequent but I know I could walk into any friends kitchen and  feel at home.  
I'd fly to DFW just for a Margarita at Mi Cocina's with friends, if only I didn't hate flying so much!

I've included images from our last 4th of July in Fort Worth, 2009.  Charlie our neighbour had the train, kids waved flags and threw candy at the neighbourhood parade spectators, fun was had by all!

Yep, God Bless America!

Via Good Housekeeping

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Sandalwood Tree



 Simla, the foothills of the Himalayas 

 Christ Church, a chapel built during the British Raj period  

Simla,  a cool mountain retreat the British developed to escape the summer heat of Calcutta

  Built during the British Raj period in Calcutta

 Built during the British Raj period in Calcutta

 Diwali, India Festival of Lights


 I had a real dilemma after I finished reading Stieg Larsson, Dragon Tattoo series of books.  
There wasn't a book that interested me for months.  I struggled through a few books before I found 
'The Sandalwood Tree' by Elle Newmark
 On opening the pages of this wonderful book, I'm being transported to different time periods during the reign of the British Raj, in India.  The descriptions of places, people, sights and sounds is intoxicating!

From the Back of the Book

"Everything was easy in our closed little world.  Even when we argued, it never amounted to much because Martin always let it go.  I was naive enough to think we were just that special.

It is 1947 and Evie and Martin Mitchell have just arrived in the Indian village of Masoorla with their five-year-old son.  But cracks soon appear in their marriage as Evie struggles to adapt to her new life and Martin grapples with unbearable wartime memories.

When Evie finds a packet of damaged letters concealed deep in the brickwork of their rented bungalow, she finds herself drawn to another world, a hundred years earlier, and to the extraordinary friendship of two very different young women.

As Evie's fascination with her Victorian friends deepens, she unearths powerful secrets.  But at what cost to her present, already fragile existence?'
Just thought I'd like to share!