Thursday, June 23, 2011

American Shipment @ Dirty Jane Emporium

via Martha Stewart

Furniture Shipment
I managed to sneak my camera into the unpack this afternoon, it's only half done.  There are fabulous pairs of wingback chairs with beautiful proportions, wonderful navy & white checked french style bergere chairs, fabulous vintage counters and picture frames, a gorgeous vintage accessories 
I'll post a few photos and see what tomorrow holds, I'll get the camera back in!
I'm feeling like a kid in a candy store!
Oh, and there's bamboo which has been loved and blogged about is week over at 
Georgica Pond, a blog I adore!


Cnr Bong Bong & Banyette Streets 
Bowral   NSW  2576
P: 02 4861 3231
7days - 10am-5pm

Of course unpacking a container from the US brought wonderful memories flooding back.  It only seems like yesterday that we arrived in the US but that was 2000, 10 years later we returned home to Australia.  

I miss so much about America, especially friends and extended family, life is so busy and communication so infrequent but I know I could walk into any friends kitchen and  feel at home.  
I'd fly to DFW just for a Margarita at Mi Cocina's with friends, if only I didn't hate flying so much!

I've included images from our last 4th of July in Fort Worth, 2009.  Charlie our neighbour had the train, kids waved flags and threw candy at the neighbourhood parade spectators, fun was had by all!

Yep, God Bless America!

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  1. Wow Sarah , these pieces look wonderful. I must must must get into Dirty Janes next trip to Bowral.Your time in the US must have been amazing. I can see why you miss it. I'd love to have a few years there myself, and come back with containers full of gorgeous stuff. Thanks so much for the lovely mention too, very sweet of you to be so complimentary. Still unpacking from our move, and trying to send this from free Wifi in the local shopping centre!

  2. I love that gingham bergere chair, they are gorgeous!! Are you selling those beautiful chairs on your website?

  3. I love the train! Is that your little girl with the cheeky flag? Great post.

    We have to talk about the salty caramels, they are soooooo easy.