Sunday, June 12, 2011

One Hyde Park

One Hyde Park, Knightsbridge, London
These new apartments are totally luxurious, not the kind of living that I'd enjoy but there are some spectacular views, fabulous furnishings and serious decadence
Floor to ceiling bullet proof glass with automatic remote sensor silk curtain that close if the room becomes too bright.  SAS trained security guards, coupled with 'panic rooms' and eye scanners in the private lifts offer the owners protection from kidnappers - I can see a movie in the future for this building!  24hour room service compliments of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel which is located next door and has underground tunnel access between the buildings, now that puts a whole different meaning to dining in!  
It all sounds pretty amazing and no doubt there are a few more of these apartments available but with a price tag of $140million pounds, I won't be lining up to purchase one!
But the contacts are listed below

Ned Baring
Savills Head Office London
Lansdowne House
57 Berkeley Square
+44 (0) 7967 555 788

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  1. Dear Sarah,
    Just discovered your bog today via Lily G. You have a lovely style and as I own a furniture homewards business I would be interested to find out more about the lovely products you are importing. I look forward to seeing more of your postings. Sallyann