Wednesday, June 1, 2011

French Artist Georges Robin

Georges Robin Biography

Georges Robin was born in Paris in 1903. He studied at L'Ecole des Beaux Arts and later developed as a decorative artist, becoming quite well-known for his theatrical scenery, especially at the Charleville Theatre and at the Dinan Casino.

Robin is considered to be one of the finest landscape painters in France, with the ability to weave his compositions into a perfect harmony of color and line. His work at the International Exhibition in 1937 won him the Gold Medal, and he has been given commissions by both the Grand Duke of Luxembourg and Czechoslovakia for pictures of the Prague and its suburbs.

If you're in the market for one of Georges Robin's art works the best bet is to start with 

68 Queen Victoria Street
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19 Albermarle Street
London  W1S 4BB
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The work of Georges Robin's son is equally as good and is also available at the galleries listed above.


  1. I am in possession of three original Georges Robin paintings. These are from my mother's collection and she is now deceased. I know little about Robin and am somewhat interested in selling one or all of the paintings.

  2. I have a print of 'On The River Indre' after the original oil painting by George Robin. There is a label on the back on which has a logo of a windmill and the word Normill and a serial number 1738. A second label gives the name of the framer, Haigh & Son LTd, Southall, Middx. Can anyone tell me anything about the original? I have looked on the internet, but cannot find any information.

  3. We are an art gallery who dealt with Georges Robin for 50 years. We would be interested in buying your mothers pictures and will quote your good self what our 262 year old gallery consider the pictures would fetch at auction today. This would save both you and ourselves the auction house commission.

    Kind regards,

    Ms. E.Elphick.

  4. I am doing some research on Georges Robin and would like to know his exact dates. I have a Georges Charles Robin with dates of 1873-1943, a Georges Robin with 1904-1928, and a Georges Robin with 1903-2003. Would you help me untangle the mystery?

  5. I have Georges Robin's print of Le Sevre Nantaise aux environs de Clisson, Serie 1045 No1, Printed in Zurich, Switzerland . I've had it for at least 15 years. As I am downsizing now I would like to know if it is of any value. It is beautiful and I always liked it very much. Would you be able to advice? Thank you in advance.

  6. I have a painting of savoy de hautecombe by georges Charles robin in original wooden frame how do I get it valued

  7. I've inherited a piece that was my grandmother's, and the signature says " Georges Robin" . It is similar to other works by this painter.

    I have always liked the picture, and find it very calming to look at, as it's got a quiet river, trees, etc.

    I don't know if it's a print or not.

    I wanted to find out what it was called, but I can't find it online, not as an original or a print.

    Can anyone give me some advice about how to find out more about it?

  8. I have a Georges Robin painting entitled, "Golden Land Finistere"
    It is in relatively good condition. Any estimate on value?