Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Winter Fire & Don't Forget the Giveaway Below!

French Limestone Fireplace 

via Chateau Stone

via Cote de Texas

Ralph Lauren's Montana Fireplace

Wonderful Fireplace in Country Kitchen 

Fabulous Firepit - Luxury Home Byron Bay 

Kiva Fireplace found in New Mexico

English Inglenook Fireplace

Outdoor Fireplace - Entertain in Style

A Modern Fireplace

Unfortunately, we're unable to have open fires at home.  We have two fireplaces but we've had to put lead caps over our chimney pots because of possums. You see, on more than a few occasions the little buggers have decided to venture down our chimney into the house.  WIRES have had to come and remove them but because they're territorial and they come back home!

Yes, terribly unromantic home!

And of course the BonFire


  1. Nothing cozier or prettier than roaring fire and a few comfy chairs right in front of it ( a great glass of wine helps too) Beautiful images!!

  2. Love an open fire..My boys would definetly be into the bonfire..Keeping my fingers crossed for the giveaway..xx

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