Friday, July 29, 2011

Australian Country Style

Let It Be

In this months Australian Country Style, Sara Silm writes about her love for her family home and that it's not always the floor plan that needs changing but sometimes it's just our mindset. 

Sara, highlights her Dash & Albert Diamond Black/Ivory rug in the image with a Joe Vinks table, Tamara Maynes's cushion & Crystal Palace funky table lamp, all available in the Southern Highlands, NSW.

If your interested in any Dash & Albert products, send me an email and I'll head you in the direction of your nearest stockist.

Again, Australian Country Style is well worth a read this month with loads of wonderful stories and images of rural homes in my much loved Australian landscape. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Save the Date!

Open Day At Hopewood
You are invited to an Open Day in The Pavilion at Hopewood Country House
201 Centennial Road, Bowral, Southern Highlands
August 20-21, 2011 - 10am to 5pm

Suzie Anderson is pleased to announce the next Open Day for French & Country.  Over the weekend of August 20-21, Suzie will be featuring French homewares, imported and local fashion and vintage treasures.  These special showings have become very popular with regular customers who love the festive atmosphere and garden setting.

Suzie welcomes you to explore the Estate's gardens, take time out for light refreshments in the Pavilion Cafe and share a relaxing day out with friends browsing through her latest shipments.

This will be a fabulous couple of days.   
Suzie has an incredible eye for detail and sources the most wonderful items from all over the world.

I've saved the date!

P: 0411448817

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dash & Albert - Rug Bags

Blue Heron Tote 

Nantucket Tote 

Parasol Tote

Spinnaker Tote    

Stone Soup Tote 

Taffy Tote

The Dash & Albert carryall rug bags have a woven construction and are hand-loomed in durable 100% cotton.  With a generous capacity 48cm x 40cm x 7.5cm and genuine leather handles and bottom, this tote is both practical and fashionable.
So make a statement this spring at the Farmers Markets or summer on the beach, actually anywhere, that you'd love a little colour in your life!
Available online at Winton House
or drop me a line and I'll give you the details of your nearest stockist.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Still Hurting!

1980 Castle Hill Show - Me on the Grey & Carolyn Spencer on the Palomino 

I actually grew up riding horses and from the age of six had to get 10 out of 10 in my spelling tests to have my weekly lesson.  It hasn't helped my spelling ability!   

Over twenty years have past since I've ridden on a weekly basis and to think I had an hour lesson on Friday and I'm still hurting!    I must admit hopping into the saddle was as fun as it was frightening.....falling a breaking a bone in my 40s wasn't something on the agenda.  Luckily I didn't fall but I do have muscles that I don't remember ever having had before!   As much as I wasn't the one trotting or cantering, riding is exhausting exercise!  

Izzy is a mad keen little rider with a great seat but she lacks confidence. Friday was hopefully the first of many lesson for me, at Highlands Equestrian Centre, to regain my confidence.  I feel within 12months I'll be helping Izzy with her own horse. 

It is a truly wonderful thing that Izzy and I can share this together because so many daughters distance themselves from their mothers in their teen years, which are approaching quickly.  I can only hope that doing the horse thing together will strengthen our bond of love and friendship. 

Feeling Blessed............SP

Friday, July 15, 2011

Cape Byron Beach House

The Cape Beach House is a romantic and relaxing destination for couples to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Cape Beach House, Byron Bay, is a superbly presented beach house in which to unwind and enjoy all that Byron Bay has to offer. The Cape Beach House provides you with a selection of individually styled rooms all with ensuites. Enjoy terraces and sun decks, a lounge, lap pool, full continental breakfast and car garaging. The atmosphere is one of relaxed, comfortable beach side living.

The central location of the Cape Beach House provides you with maximum convenience. Opposite Clarkes Beach, it's only a two minute walk to the beach and a short esplanade stroll                                              along the beachfront into Byrons centre. 

Personally, I could think of nothing better than leaving the kids behind, booking the whole house for a weekend, no make it a week and sharing it with a group of friends.  
Anyone interested?!

Make your escape to 
The Cape Beach House today
phone or email us on
P: 02 66 855 836  
94 Lawson Street, Byron Bay NSW 2481

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dash & Albert Throws

 Blue Heron Throw

 Birmingham Red Throw 

 Blue Awning Throw

Spinnaker Throw

Fabulous Throws
A new family favourite!  Constructed of 100% cozy cotton, the Dash & Albert hand loomed throws are crafted with comfort in mind.  Reversible,affordable, with an appeal that is absolutely undeniable!  
At 152x 198cm they are perfect for the top of a single bed, either folded at the end or as a spread (if your single has huge pillow tops either side the tuck in won't be possible)  We use ours to snuggle up under on the sofa and they'd be perfect to take on a picnic also.
Available online at Winton House 
or drop me a line and I'll let you know your nearest stockist.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Vignette Brilliance

In this months issue of Australian Country Style there is an article written by a dear friend of mine Sara Silm, about a Berrima icon, Jan Weekes.  

I had always loved entering into both of Jan's retail stores, The Cottage Berrima and The Magpie Cafe Berrima, because of Jan's incredible eye for detail and her gift in visual merchandising.  Much to my disappointment Jan has now retired.  Her ability to created fabulous vignettes from the most wonderful and sometimes rather ordinary objects always amazed me.  Jan did coral before anyone else even thought about it! 

Sara's article in Country Style featuring the wonderful photography by Prue Ruscoe is a must read.  I'm extremely thankful to Jan & Trevor Weekes for allowing Sara and Prue into their stunning home and for allowing it to be shared with me.             

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Country Auction Bowral

Bush Auction - Sunday 10th July - 10am Start
Location - Indoor/Outdoor behind the Dirty Jane Emporium 
Banyette Street, Bowral 
Viewing from 9am day of the Auction

With most lots unreserved you're likely to pick up a bargain or two 
They had only just started setting up and these things caught my eye, no doubt there will be plenty more items added today, for tomorrow.

There are a couple of goodies calling my name, especially that wonderful black cupola and there are two!
Can't wait to see what tomorrow holds........... 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Lemon Cake

Janet's Lemon Cake
Melt 1/4lb or 113g of Butter
1cup of Self Raising Flour
3/4cup of Raw Sugar
2 Eggs
1/2cup Full Cream Milk
Pinch of Salt
Grate 1 Lemon
Whisk it all together for approximately 3 minutes - line a 18-20cm round cake tin with baking paper- 
bake @ 180c (350f) for 30 minutes - turn cake allow to cool 
Lemon Icing
1 1/4cups of icing sugar 
Grate 1 Lemon
Add juice of lemon 
until you're happy with the consistency 
and spread over the cake 

This is one of the easiest recipes and that's exactly why I love this cake!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dash & Albert - Parasol

I've been pretty tough about the Dash & Albert stock and it finding its way home because I really need the stock to be available for customers but I relented and allowed Izzy to add a 60x90cm Parasol cotton woven rug to her bathroom - Parasol Stripe is so happy! 
I love it and so does she! 

A Little Sunshine on a Cold, Cloudy and Windy Winters Day!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Winter Blooms

I'm think that over time and with age my thumb just might be turning green!

 I spent time in the garden yesterday picking two little bunches of  gorgeous winter flowers - Snowflakes, Jonquils, Narcissus, Hellebores, Violets and the last of the Iceberg Roses - the house smells heavenly!  My yard is only as big as a pocket handkerchief but it's always giving me something beautiful - what a blessing!  Have a fabulous day......

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July


The US flag @ Our Place

Happy 4th of July!  
Wishing all my American friends a fabulous holiday.  
We're flying the American flag and have hung our swagged bunting because I never want Izzy to forget her heritage.  It's school holidays so we'll be celebrating with hotdogs, hamburgers, coleslaw, potato salad and lemonade and asking friends in the street to join us.  Australians don't really get the whole street party thing, its a shame!  No doubt Izzy & I will watch an American girl movie, I hope she picks Kit Kittredge! 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Gates - 1

When I started to think about this post, I was drawn to both English and American gates.  

A long time favourite is Walpole Woodworkers headquartered in Walpole, Massachusetts.  While we lived in the US, I would receive their catalogue and be totally inspired by their fabulous products.  

Walpole takes their product from the forest to the finished product - from milling, to design, construction, and installation, these are truly beautiful gates.   

All their gate designs are covered by copyright