Saturday, July 9, 2011

Country Auction Bowral

Bush Auction - Sunday 10th July - 10am Start
Location - Indoor/Outdoor behind the Dirty Jane Emporium 
Banyette Street, Bowral 
Viewing from 9am day of the Auction

With most lots unreserved you're likely to pick up a bargain or two 
They had only just started setting up and these things caught my eye, no doubt there will be plenty more items added today, for tomorrow.

There are a couple of goodies calling my name, especially that wonderful black cupola and there are two!
Can't wait to see what tomorrow holds........... 


  1. Great finds! Have a beautiful weekend, Kellie xx

  2. Wow.. love it my kind of Sale!.. Hope you picked up some great treasures!.. Can't wait to see,

    Marnie. x

  3. Would have loved to be at the auction but I am coming to beautiful Bowral in 2 weeks time for a weekend getaway and I can't wait..xx

  4. Mel@Georgica PondJuly 10, 2011 at 7:03 PM

    Looks like there were some great buys here - wish I was in Bowral this weekend. Thanks for letting us know. Hopefully the next one.

  5. oooohsome beauties there. I actually own one of those basket flagon numbers in that last picture. Inherited from the in-laws. I don't know what it was used for. It sits on my back verandah. I'd love one of those flat shelf thinga mees, I have seen them used to display small lego pieces, I think they might have been from a printers??