Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Margaret Olley

Margaret Olley 

Last Monday (25th July, 2011) night she slept, the panoramic painting of Sydney Harbour at last completed, and at some time in the early morning, Death surprised her. 
- Barry Humphries 

I love the work of Margaret Olley, her use of colour and brushstrokes never made her still life paintings seem still. Maybe, it's the way they move my heart. 

I might never have the opportunity to own an Olley and she may be gone but she'll never be forgotten.  


  1. Yes, she was an Australian institution and not just a brilliant artist but a great philanthropist too. Her work will live on and be admired for generations.

  2. I too really like her work. I was so upset and angry when a presenter on a morning show said that her passing wasn't that sad because she was in her 80's, I changed the channel straight away.

  3. The comment that I liked was, that she died as she lived, with paint on her hands, I hope she went peacefully.
    I really enjoyed looking at her paintings on your post.
    You're right, we can enjoy Margaret Olley without owning a painting.
    bee x