Monday, August 29, 2011

Let Me Introduce the Others

Our  Other Girls
Princess Charlotte (Lottie) and Queen Elizabeth (Lizzie) are fabulous little dogs.  
King Charles Cavaliers have the most beautiful nature.
Maybe, they could be the Australian Dash & Albert Rug Company dog representatives, 
I'll have to ask the question!


  1. Oh sooooo sweet Sarah. My son and DIL have a 12 month old Cav called Genevieve, she is a darling.

  2. Oh Sarah they are so lovely. Their coat would be no good here with the burrs and all. I looove dogs, we have 4 Cairn terriers- I like to think they only count as 1, lol , the most beautiful very old Yellow Labrador, a big boy German shepherd dog and soon another GSD pup! Living where we do, we like to have a couple of big ones on guard patrol 24/7.