Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Australian Shed Vs American Barn

Personally, it's hard to decide if I prefer a shed or a barn.  I longed for the Australian landscape and a good old Australian shearing shed while we were away (Craig's Hut was on the fridge) but there's a lot to be said about the beauty of an American barn 

And then you've got the American garden sheds by Walpole Woodworkers
and they're gorgeous

This New Zealand garden shed is pretty sweet too

And the Aussie garden shed, 
I'll just keep filling the garage and take a pass on the garden shed

So what would it be for you, an American barn or an Australian Shed?
What about the garden sheds, in my mind it's simple, Walpole by a mile!


  1. Aussie shed has a great deal of charm and appeal and looks perfect in the dry and often hard Australian landscape. Although I do adore American barns, but think they might look a bit out of place in our rural landscape. The do look perfect in their natural American setting. But the American garden shed is without peer - absolutely gorgeous. Shouldn't even be mentioned in the same breath as the awful Aussie garden shed ! What are we thinking with that one?

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  2. The range of Barns in Australia are fantastic these days. Strong, durable and stylish, you will be blown away by the different types of residential and industrial barns that are available now. My vote goes for the high roofed American barns as you can store a lot more with a mezzie floor. Barn designs now incorporate all the latest production techniques meaning that you will have something that lasts and lasts.

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