Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Highlands Equestrian Centre

Jennifer Court with my daughter on Little Jack

The stables

The Outdoor Arena

The Paddocks

In my mind, there's nothing better than little girls being totally horse mad, maybe it's because it's reminiscent of my childhood growing up riding.  I spent so many hours at Vanity Fair Riding School in Glossodia, learning to riding and take care of horses that I can't count them. 

Izzy, loves riding  just as much as I did and her confidence is growing thanks to her fabulous instructors and weekly lessons at Highlands Equestrian Centre.   I can't praise them enough.  Junior Riding Club is a monthly special treat in our house, the girls who attend love it and spend a good half day riding and learning all about the care and keeping of ponies.  What could be better than knowing your child is loving what they're doing, making fantastic friends, being encouraged to do their best, working hard and being outdoors?  
Not much really!

PS. from personal experience the trail rides are great and if you're visiting the Highlands you should really think about taking one.
                         Junior Riding Club
A fun filled half day of Riding Tuition for boys and girls from ages 6 - 14
All levels of experience catered for, from beginners to intermediate
1 hour group lessons on School Ponies or bring your own.
Horse management lessons provided
Morning tea provided
Saturday Afternoons 1pm to 4pm
Sunday Mornings 9am to 12pm

Trail riding down country lanes in Sutton Forest

The Highlands Equestrian Centre 
Sutton Farm 

Illawarra Hwy 
Sutton Forest, NSW, 2577 
P: +61 2 4868 2584 

F: +61 2 4868 2301 


  1. I was thinking about riding here. Would you recommend it? It certainly looks like a wonderful place. Do the riders tack/groom the horses before riding?

  2. I would certainly recommend the Highlands Equestrian Centre. If you're going to have lesson you could always ask if it would be possible to tack up your horse but you'd have to arrive earlier than your lesson time. If you're young enough to attend Junior Riding Club or old enough to join in the Mother's Riding Group, you catch, groom and tack up your horse before riding and untack, wash down and pop the horse back in their paddocks. The horses are tacked and ready to go if you're planning on taking a trail ride through the lanes of Sutton Forest - hope to meet you on day - Sarah

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