Friday, May 27, 2011

Highland Hellebores

Hellebores the Winter Rose 

It's nearly Hellebore time again, local nurseries have their Hellebore signs out and they'll be flowering in a month or two.  They're the perfect winter flower and look wonderful in cottage gardens, under established trees, actually anywhere in my books and that includes a vase!  I love Betty Ranicar in her white splendour, Picotees with their petal edges perfectly coloured and of course Anemone Centred with their ruffle of short petals around the stamens. 

The bloke in the photo above is my brother and he's actually a grower/propagator of these beauties, importing many of his original seeds from the UK.  Josh has doubles, picotees, anemone centred and a large range of colours.  I've watched him carefully cross pollinating, cheesecloth bagging the flowers to collect seeds, re-potting, it's a labour of love!  

If you'd like to know about his upcoming Hellebore Sale, drop me a line and I'll email you the dates.  Naturally, it's first in best dressed, with the blacks and yellows selling out fast!

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