Sunday, May 13, 2012

What a Fun Day

Stop smiling at the camera & sit up girl!

And what a Fun Day it was!
Izzy went to the last Shibumi Fun Day on Sunday the 6th May, the weather was perfect, 
the day ran smoothly, thanks to the staff and I'm guessing lots of volunteers 
at Shibumi Equestrian Centre.

We've recently had the opportunity to start riding with Anna Groom, who recently moved 
to the Southern Highlands.  I was actually at school with Anna and when she called to 
say that Izzy could ride one of her mares, naturally I was over the moon!

What a gift for a 10yr old girl to have the opportunity to ride 
a beautifully trained Warmblood mare. 
Pitchie, is gorgeous and both Izzy and I are in love.....

Anna felt that it would be good experience for Izzy to take Pitchie out and 
the Shibumi Fun Day was the perfect first outing.  The day was really well organised, with the
draw being emailed the week before and everything running like clockwork.

Izzy, did a prep test, as we all felt the first outing should be a confidence 
builder and Izzy hasn't totally nailed the 20m canter circles! 
Janice Underwood scored the test and Izzy and Pitchie received 
73.3% and a blue ribbon!

Thank you Anna 

Ps we shouldn't have dressed up for the day but it is fun playing dress up 
next time we'll be neatly presented and wearing multiple layers!

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  1. Well done Izzy-and mum for getting her there! I know what hard work that is too!