Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thank you - Australian House & Garden

Thank you Australian House & Garden and Jessica Hanson for featuring the 
fabulous Dash & Albert Platinum Scroll woollen hooked rug in the article 
 "Top Of The Pile" in this months issue

If you're interested in this or any other wonderful Dash & Albert products 
send me an email noting your post code and I'll head you in the 
direction of your nearest Dash stockist.

So much going on here at the moment, I'll write about that 
later, in the meantime it's nice to be back in Blogville!


  1. Nice work, I am really glad to be 1 of several visitants on this awful site : D

  2. Hello Sarah, we all missed you!
    Bee x

  3. Nothing like success to get you back in the saddle!