Sunday, February 5, 2012

MUMMADUCKA'S KAOS: Spiders, spiders everywhere!

MUMMADUCKA'S KAOS: Spiders, spiders everywhere!: We went driving around yesterday afternoon with the camera. I'm a bit tired of taking photos of brown flood water! This is what we fou...

You really need to pop over to 
Jodie has shot some amazing images of the floods around
her home town Moree.  The images of the spiders and their webs
will totally blow you away! 


  1. We have family on properties at Roma & Surat Sarah & they are all struggling with this massive volume of water. They are desperately moving cattle & borrowed a helicopter today to try & get the stock to the one piece of dry ground left. I volunteered our Tennis Court as an aggistment paddock!
    Millie x

  2. Hello Sarah, this is so beautiful, the web would make a great wedding veil!
    I'm at my stall on Saturday morning so pop in if you're in town for a yummy treat!
    Bee x