Friday, October 21, 2011

A Perfect Day in the Southern Highlands

It's been an absolutely gorgeous day today.  
My American friends would say it was a "pretty day" and they would be right.  
The garden has its Spring flush, the dogs have been clipped, the sun is shining, 
children are laughing and playing happily outside and the scent of 
Jasmine and Wisteria fill the air. 
We're having fish n chips on The Gib (the long view above) 
and I'm feeling blessed 
Thank you Lord                                                                            


  1. Glorious - nothing beats a beautiful spring day in the Highlands and your garden is looking spectacular!

  2. Just Perfect!.. What stunning pictures.. wish I was with you right now!

    Marns. x

  3. love the clippered pooches, they look so fresh, mine are too scruffy for words at the moment! Fabulous garden, what are the pink/purple flowers? cheers j