Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Baubles & Bling

Hardy Brothers Diamond Engagement Ring 

Hardy Brothers Emerald Dress Ring 

Hardy Brothers Saphire Dress Ring 

I do love Antique Jewellery!
Coopers of Epping - 1920 diamond ring

Coopers of Epping - 1915 diamond ring

Coopers of Epping - 1850 diamond necklace

Baubles & Bling for Home 
French Empire Style Chandelier 
from Vintage Glamour

Antique Chandelier 
From Meirelle Antiques 


Just adding a little sparkle today!
Have a good one....


  1. Nice bling Sarah, do you go looking for rings often? I used to always have my eye out for the next dress ring until I inherited my mothers/ grandmothers beautiful early century ring, now it's just cocktail ones! Hubby gave me a beautiful engagement ring so I have to be careful that nothing out blings it! Cheers, j

  2. Mmmm, I wish.