Monday, April 4, 2011

Why I Love the Southern Highlands

I need visual stimulation and here in the Southern Highlands I get it by the bucket full.  The landscape is always changing, whether it's the colour of the leaves, or crops being harvested, the wonderful cloud formations or the mist rolling in.  

There is a real sense of community, bumping into friends and neighbours in the street and being able to grab a quick cup of coffee together.  Yes, we're busy but not that busy that we don't have time for one another. 

I've recently been asked "Why don't you move back to Sydney?" and my reply, "I love it here in Bowral and I feel really settled."  Sydney is a wonderful city and it has so much to offer but it doesn't have the same pull as it did before.  

Travelling south down the highway, my heart begins to sing and I'm filled with a sense of coming home.  I feel so blessed to be living here and the saying "Bloom where you are planted" is so true!

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  1. Beautiful photo's Sarah. Loving my gorgeous Dash & Albert rug. It looks fantastic on our floor and will post photo's soon and of course a blog.