Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Archibald Prize

Ben Quilty's - 'Margaret Olley'

Del Kathryn's - 'Mother' (Cate Blanchett)

Matt Doust's - 'White Cocoon'

Jiawei Shen's - 'Self Portrait'

Apple Xiu Yin's - 'Hearing . Meditation'

We had a wonderful week last week exploring Sydney.  The Archibald Prize exhibition at the NSW Art Gallery was wonderful and for my nine year daughter to enjoy the exhibition was a delight in itself!  As a mother if  I can give my child an appreciation of the arts, I think it will be a tick in the column of rounding out her education.  
Of course we all had our own favourites and I've posted them but please go take a look for yourself!

And naturally I can't wait for the Bald Archy to arrive at the 
Milk Factory Gallery, Bowral in October this year

Xavier Ghazi's - 'Bad Ass-Ange'

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