Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Patchwork Chair

Got a Spare Chair!

I just love a patchwork chair, I found that I had an abundance of needlepoint cushions on our return from the US.  I couldn't get rid of them too many memories.   The gorgeous floral I'd purchased with Bronte in Greenwich, CT and the aubusson weave lion rampant shield a bargain find and a little English cross-stitch cottage that I'd done many years ago, all too precious to throw away.

The solution was to easy once I'd seen the wonderful bespoke patchwork chairs that 
Michelle and Jasper Foggo, of Crystal Palace in Bowral create.  The chairs are totally unique and each client receives a chair as individual as they are.  I'd love another, a masculine version in charcoal, rich brown, tweeds and checks........
is winter coming! 

Crystal Palace, Merrigang Street, Bowral Nsw 2576
Phone: 02 4861 1836

Don't you love the Dash & Albert Plain Tin Charcoal rug!


  1. Hi Sarah,
    I am in love with these chairs! I have seen the Kelly Swallow designs, but to be honest they are out of my price range! Can you give me an approximate cost of Jasper and Michelle's designs?

    1. Sorry Amy, I've been missing in action over the Christmas/New Year period - I actually came home from the US with a pile of needlepoint cushions that I couldn't fit in our home so I had Jasper & Michelle patch them together and cover a chair that my mum had given to me. All my pieces were collected a garage & estate sales, auction houses and ebay - I believe you can do the chair a couple of ways - like I did and supply most things, supply just the chair or have them do it all - probably best to give them a call about pricing because everyone's chair so different - a store in Bowral called "Three Wise Monkeys" has Jasper's chairs now, they finished with the shop to concentrate on design - hope this helps in your hunt for a bespoke beauty!