Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Melbourne 2012

I've been and still am, so busy!
No time to blog, really it's a luxury....
Anyway, the tradeshow was great with new stores taking on 
Dash & Albert, Pine Cone Hill, Silhouettes & More
and Golden Rabbit Enamelware
There'll be a stockist near you super soon
Don't hesitate email me  or call 040 939 5300
if you'd like any information about stockists 
or the fab products 


  1. Wow looks gorgeous, and the products not bad either! When are you back and we can catch up?

  2. Hi Sarah - it is all looking fabulous! Congratulations, Catherine

  3. Love how you mix and match those patterns and colours, they are so gorgeous honey! XoXo

    Visit the fashion blog at http://endlesswardrobe.com.au/blog/

  4. So glad your trip was a success.Loving the patterns..xx

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