Monday, January 23, 2012

Boat House


 The Dock Doctor

 Brighton Beach Houses

 Sim1 Travel

County Cottage Builders


Spring started so well but Summer, that's been a different story.
Entertaining children during the Summer holidays with less than perfect weather can be difficult.

My thoughts this morning went to how wonderful it would be waking up in a boathouse -
watching the weather change over the water, swimming when the sun pops out, 
playing board games and just relaxing......

Do you think that they'll give me a refund on my pool pass?


  1. I'm surprised Bowral pool is even open this summer - isn't like 8 degrees every day? This summer has been a tiresome bore and I'm over it. Our new pool is being used by the kids, but I put it on par with swimming in the waters of the arctic. So not thrilled. Just wish the holidays would end as I'm running out of ideas and letting my kids watch too much TV!

  2. these are pretty cool boat houses. Actually, my personal choice is the house from that was really good. I wonder what does it look on its interior? Great post by the way. I can now feel the heat of summer. :)