Monday, December 5, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

I love Christmas!
For so many reasons, 
My Saviour's Birth, Family, Food, Decorating, the Joy of Giving & the list goes on.....

This year I've purchased divine Christmas scented candles from 
Bella Bee Wax Candles
Filomena Berkman can be contacted on 0415 131 162 or email

I purchased my vintage sledge from the USA but they are available in Australia through
Crowley & Grouch Imports
Jane Crowley can be contacted on 02 4862 1511 or email

I made our Santa sacks while we lived in the US after reading an article in the 
Australia Woman's Weekly, they still need their pom poms!
My Santa with glasses was purchased by Geoff after I gave birth to Isabella, while all 
my girlfriends got Dallas Diamonds as push gifts, I got my Santa

Our tree is covered in memories of our travels over the last, must I say it, twenty years!
A Christmas decoration from a destination is always on my purchase list while on vacation.

Enjoying the Season but need to get Wrapping 
before the school term ends!


  1. Looks fabulous! At least the weather must make you feel like you are back home right? I'm about to light the fire!

  2. I love Christmas too for all the same reasons as you. Your decorations look divine and make me wish I could be a little less controlling with mine. Perhaps I will try next year. X

  3. Ohh lala I looove that FROG!!!! and the Gorgeous cowboy boots! Well done on the decos.
    I am a slacker with extremely sparkly optic fibre trees that come straight out of the box with all the baubles!! I am too tired to get our decos out of storage to put on them. But the trees are veeeeeery nice!!! I have one at work that I have all the chrissy books underneath and they look like they are the pressies. The kids looove the tree and keep on wanting the lights out to just sit and stare at it. And these are savvy high schoolers!!!

  4. What a lovely post Sarah, filled with love and memories and such style.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Merry Christmas and the best of health and happiness for the New Year.
    bee xxx

  5. The harmony of colors, feelings, natural colors, natural, I have my house decorated with your ideas I think are wonderful and charming with you needed help I got it.