Saturday, November 19, 2011

Travel Trunks, Blanket Boxes, Glory Boxes

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During the 1980's my family did the whole US country look, my parents built a house from the Southern Living architectural plans books  and surrounded it with cottage gardens.  Our home was filled with braided rugs, quilts, checked and plaid fabrics, travel trunks as side tables, coffee tables, as blanket boxes at the end of beds.   Mail boxes, decorative pieces and American pressed brass and tin lights were purchased and rewired. Even though most of that is gone now, a few things have stayed in our homes.  Us kids have travel trunks/blanket boxes and the old quilts are still used on cold winter's nights.
Looking at theses  images above just reminds me that practical, functional furniture will always find a home  in my house!


  1. I love the versatility of the trunk, whenever I see a trunk being used as a coffee table, I am so intrigued to know what is being stored inside!

  2. I looove them too- but can't stand those carved asian ones!

  3. What gorgeous the one at the end of the bed!!

  4. What a lovely memory of your childhood home, I can just picture it.

  5. These trunks are gorgeous! Especially the fabulous LV trunk. Have a lovely day, Kellie xx