Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11th

Do you think you'll ever forget exactly where you were then you heard 
the World Trade Towers had been hit?

I never will and I'll never forget the absolute fear, and urgency I felt, when we couldn't access  any of the major networks websites, all we knew is that we had to get out of the build and head home. 
 I wasn't living in New York at the time, I was way south in Dallas, Texas.

Watching the news in total shock and horror.  Calling home and crying with my parents, hoping that my husband was safe in his office and wondering how we could be bringing the 
baby in my stomach into a world like this.  

Explaining the need for security procedures to a child isn't fun either.  

"Mum, why do we have to take our shoes off?"  
"Mum, why do they put that scanner thing over us?" 
 "Mum, I'm scared, I want to go into the Statute of Liberty 
but that puffer machine, the man said it's a bomb detector" 

"Darling, it's for our protection, before you were born some terrible people did 
horrendous things and killed thousands of people"

"Why Mum?"

"I truly don't know darling but we've got God on our side, and He will protect us.  
If you ever feel afraid just ask Him to look after you."

  I'll Never Forget.....

Thinking of all my American friends and family today, 10 years on.

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