Thursday, January 27, 2011

Artist Kim Shannon

"Oil paint and colour have always been my love.  They are surprising, inspiring and challenging.  Oil paint is so tactile it creates a world of its own and colours move and flow within the medium.  With this it is possible to create a tactile sense of what I see, the 'quality' of things the 'quality' of a colour or an edge where one tone meets another.

My love of the domestic, the clutter, the scene constantly changing, composing itself, is the source for my painting.  The commonplace, the ordinary, I try to give that significance; an object that has been handled, has a history that gives it its resonance.  Painting for me is trying to make sense of life."

Words by Kim Shannon

Kim Shannon lives in the Southern Highlands.  I love and admire her work, for its subtle colours, arrangement of objects, sense of the common, the beauty she finds in the wonderful things around her, it amazes me.

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